Monday, April 27, 2009

Gator Radio Experience Earthcast 2009 - Hour #5

During the 5th hour of Earthcast 2009, Natalie and Angie and the crew from the Gator Radio Experience in Palo Alto, California are joined by Sean Harrington, of Better Place, to talk about electric vehicle technology. Also in this hour the students are joined by Sam Wiley of the Wiley One, the ensemble that created the wonderful song, Go Green. The Gator Radio Experience typically includes a featured band, and this week Sam C. featured "Cloud Cult" for the work that they've done in the area of greening the music industry. Finally, this excellent broadcast ends with GRE team member Nicola giving a review of several environmental related films such as Who Killed the Electric Car. There are a few minutes of audio in this recording that get a little warbly and we apologize for this. Audio quality for the great majority of this segment is excellent.

On behalf of everyone at the Gator Radio Experience I would like to thank both Sean Harrington and Sam Wiley for their participation as guests on hour #5 of Earthcast 2009!

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