Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gator Radio Experience and Earthcast09 this Tuesday, April 21st!

The GRE is excited to be participating in Earthcast09 this coming Tuesday, April 21st from 7:00 pm -10 pm pacific time. Earthcast09 is a live, 24 hour conversation about all things relating to the environment (view our promo/teaser video). With participation from 4 different continents in several languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese, Chinese, German) this truly is a global project that centers around something that every individual on the planet has a stake in. The broadcast begins at 5:00 pm Pacific time on the 21st and concludes at 5:00 pm pacific time on the 22nd (we're following the 24 hour day as it exists in GMT).

For the Gator Radio Experience portion of Earthcast09, we have a wonderful lineup of guests who will be talking with us about green building, the local/slow food movement, and clean transportation technology. All times below are in pacific time, but you may convert them to your region of the world by clicking the GMT conversion link. Here is a brief description of the GRE Earthcast09 Guest Line-Up:

7:00 pm Hour (GMT Conversion)
During the 7:00 pm hour we'll be speaking with a small group of students at Shanghai #3 Girls school to compare/contrast environmental issues in China and the US.

8:00 pm Hour (GMT Conversion)
During the 8:00 pm hour we'll be speaking with Terry Fay, a committed environmentalist in Madison, WI who will be speaking with us about the local/slow food movement. Also during the 8:00 pm hour we'll be joined by Linda Yates and Paul Holland, who are currently building the "Greenest Home in the US" right here in the Bay Area. Linda and Paul are both quite active in the clean technology industry as well, and you can see a clip of Paul speaking at a recent press conference in DC along wtih President Obama by clicking here.

9:00 pm hour (GMT Conversion)
Finally, during the 9:00 pm hour, we'll be joined by Sean Harrington of Better Place, which is a Palo Alto based electric car network technology company. Sean will be speaking with us about the current and future green transportation sector.

Please support us by listening in live, contributing to the chat, and calling in during live call in segments. Please note that we will not be broadcasting to our typical location. We'll be broadcasting over at the Earthcast09 live page. Here you may listen live and chat. If you'd like to see a complete schedule for the entire 24 hour webcast, visit the agenda/schedule link online here.

We hope you celebrate Earth Day 2009 by listening to the Earthcast09 24 Hour Webcastathon!

Also, you can follow the latest news and updates on the Earthcast09 on Twitter and by joining our Facebook group.

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