Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First Show: Wednesday, October 29th at 8:00 Pacific Time/October 30th at 03:00 UTC

Join us in a series of live, interactive radio show style broadcasts this coming Wednesday, October 29th at 8:00 pm Pacific/October 30th at 03:00 GMT as a team of high school students from the Castilleja School in Palo Alto, California kicks off a live series of webcasts known as the "Gator Radio Experience." Click here to convert the time to your time zone/area of the world. Wednesday's show will feature a special guest from Victoria, British Columbia, Doug Symington, who will talk with our lead hosts about the upcoming election here in the US. We'll also play a music set by the the San Diego, California band, We Shot the Moon. This set was picked out by GRE Team member, Sam Cecil.

These radio shows will be interactive in nature, meaning that they'll allow listeners to participate via a chat room, polls, and forums. The shows are moderated and facilitated by students and will feature music, interviews, news of the day, and commentary. We invite you to participate and listen live by visiting clicking the link along the right-hand side bar that says, "Listen live and join the chat." The show is password protected and we expect all chat room guests and participants to interact with one another in a kind and respectful manner.

Either check your email or ask one of the Gator Radio Project team leaders what the password is for the first show. We invite folks who are outside of the school community to participate, but you'll need to email/DM Matt Montagne or one of the project team members for the password. No worries if you can't join live as all shows will be archived and available as podcasts via the Gator Radio Experience iTunes channel. Subscribe to our shows as podcasts in iTunes by clicking the iTunes link along the left. We hope you're able to join us this Wednesday, October 29th for the first ever broadcast of the Gator Radio Experience!!


  1. Congratulations, radio crew and Mr. Montagne on the launch of the Gator Radio Experience! I'll be listening with interest.

  2. I am really excited about Gator Radio! Think of all the possibilities!
    ms. kauffman

  3. As Dr. Frasier Crane used to say on his radio show, on the TV show, about a psychologist with a radio show...

    I'm listening.

    mr t

  4. Great debut show! Sorry I couldn't tune in live but I subscribed on itunes and had a wonderful listening experience. Outstanding on so many levels!