Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gator Radio Experience Episode #21 Podcast

What a show tonight! This was the first time we attempted to have live music on the show and we had a blast. A special thank you is in order to Mr. Contois and his buddy David for joining us and playing live on the GRE. They played a variety of electric guitars, the slide, a banjo, and even a mandolin.

We also heard from Malaika about the upcoming "Peace Dot" launch at Castilleja next week and Annie shared a piece on Monty Python. We were also happy to be joined by GRE project member Natalie for the first time this year. Natalie contributed to the project last year, but has been quite busy this year and we're glad she is back!

Thanks to everyone who listened live and contributed to the chat. It was quite a show!

Please mark your schedule for the following broadcast dates:

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009 - the Gator Radio Experience covers the "Peace Dot" Alpha Launch at Castilleja. We'll broadcast live from 7:00 pm Pacific - 8:30 pm Pacific and we'll be including video as well as audio. Click here to convert the start time of this broadcast to your time zone.

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 - The Gator Radio Experience will by joined by  GRE project alumnae Stephanie Lueng, Angie Moore, Kaitlin Carano, and Nicola Schulze. All four are now in college and were major contributors to helping launch our project last year. We're looking forward to the alumnae broadcast on November 3rd! Broadcast start time is 7:00 pm pacific on November 3rd. Click here for the time conversion.

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