Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gator Radio Experience Special Broadcast-Tuesday, March 25th

The Gator Radio Experience will be broadcasting live from Castilleja School on Wednesday, March 25th from 12:45 pm - 1:15 pm. We'll be joined by students from Italy who are visiting the Bay Area and doing home stays with several of our school families. We hope that their families and friends in Italy are able to join the broadcast. Click here to convert the time to your region of the world (the time in Rome, Italy that we'll start our broadcast is 8:45 pm/20:45).

We'll broadcast from the same ustream channel that we always use. Please DM our Twitter account or send us an email at [at] gmail dot come if you'd like the password for listening in to the conversation.

For those of you at Castilleja, I would ask that you not participate via ustream. Our Internet bandwidth will become choked if we have too many concurrent connections. We'll do two things to accomodate participation at Casti: #1-we'll have a listening lounge setup where you'll be able to congregate and listen live. The lounge location is tentatively planned for the commons area directly below the dining room OR outside of the weather is nice. Secondly, we'll be sure to record and post the audio so you can listen to it later as a podcast.

This should be a fun cultural exchange conversation that will take place in both English and Italian. Please join us if you are available!

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