Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gator Radio Experience Podcast #3

This episode focused on all things social media. We had a mini-debate on facebook vs myspace vs other spaces followed by an overview of some new social media spaces that we've found. We had a fantastic music set this week by "The Summerset," from Scottsdale, AZ. Enjoy the podcast recording of Episode #3 of the GRE!


  1. Hello!

    Adam L here from, the site behind the Visual Bookshelf.

    First off, thanks for the shout out! I enjoyed your FB/Myspace debate... its something we think about at Livingsocial a lot

    If you guys like Visual Bookshelf I suggest you try out, where you can hook in with your FB shelf and catalog other things like movies, games, music etc.

    Adam L

  2. Thanks for the comment, Adam...this is the 1st comment outside of our school community, so we reached a little milestone here.

    We'll definitely check out livingsocial for certain. Thanks for the heads up.

    The Gator Radio Experience Team